Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good{will outlet} Friday #39 ~ Pretty Pockets!

I've been falling in love with pretty pockets this winter. 

 They're cute and cozy - and not just for hoodies anymore!  Tired winter skirts, sweaters, and dresses could all benefit from a pop of color.  With some basic sewing skills and a few fabric scraps, you can make that happen.  My outfit (and the fabric) are from Goodwill Outlet Center, and cost less than ten dollars.

First: I must tell you how much I adore these bright yellow little shoes.  They are so fun and sunny and such a great find.  The jeans and tank top are from a previous Buckle inspired post and the necklace was made for a DIY Traveler's Necklace post written back in August.

I picked up this sweet gray sweater from the Outlet Center months ago (maybe even a year ago) but it has always been overlooked as I got dressed in the morning, making it the perfect candidate for a set of bright new pockets. If you don't happen to have a bland little sweater tucked away in the back of your closet for this project, just stop by Goodwill. You can find all kinds of simple sweaters, tops, skirts, and dresses to embellish.

Cut two rectangles with rounded edges from scrap fabric and fold in half.  Place the pockets on your clothing item (I angled mine to match the style of hoodie pockets), tuck the raw edges under and pin.  Sew in place, then add ribbon or beads if you're extra ambitious. :)

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