Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tiny Things (Furniture Sets)

I've been making a lot of tiny things for my Etsy shop recently.
Currently, I'm obsessed with making little furniture sets for Calico Critters (and taking pictures of them). I've been creating each little group by combining old, new, and handmade parts.  I like the challenge of finding and making different items that look nice together as a group.  Each of the sets I've put together in the past few weeks has a theme.  This is the Woodland Owl Playroom (my very favorite set right now).

I made the bookshelf with pieces from the game Don't break the Ice and added wood grain vinyl to the back of each little cubby.  I painted the blocks and made new covers for the plastic books with stickers. To ride in the Playmobil stroller, I used felt scraps to sew a tiny stuffed owl.
And this is the Mushroom Cottage Bedroom set.  The bedside table was made from a wooden spool with an old game piece for the table top. The red plastic mug is from a LEGO set and the white bunny was a mini Easter tree ornament.
The mushroom bed frame (from Goodwill) was produced by Schleich for the Smurf figurines.  It was missing the middle portion, so I made a new one out of wood along with a mattress, bedding and the itty-bitty bunny pillow.  The red hair brush is vintage Barbie and the little bench was made from an old wooden domino.
This set is called the April Showers Bathroom set.  Most of the bottles and bath toys are from old Barbie sets and I think the silver plane came from a model kit.  I made the stool and bathtub tray out of Popsicle sticks, and then painted a tiny umbrella on the stool.
I really like finding ways to use game pieces in the sets.  In this one, the toilet paper dispenser is the iron shaped piece from the game Monopoly and the yellow tray is a Perfection piece. The sunshine soap and silver cup holder are both made from plastic beads.
In my opinion, the best part of these photos is the suds in the tub. It's actually cotton stuffing (the kind you buy to make fluffy pillows).  The polar bear wash mitt, towel, and bathmat were sewn from felt and fabric scraps.


  1. this is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Your attention to detail is insane!!!!!

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  3. What you create is so beautiful! I love it!