Friday, January 4, 2013

Good{will outlet} Friday #37 ~ Inspired by the Red Dress Boutique

Happy New Year!

I present to you the very first Good{will outlet} Friday post of 2013!  To celebrate, I am going back to my first Outlet Center post to reuse a few items.  This cozy outfit was inspired by an adorable winter ensemble from the Red Dress Boutique.  The entire outfit was purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center for a grand total of less than $10!
I wore the gray suede boots and cream colored cardigan in my very first Good{will outlet} Friday post last February.  As you most likely already know, I'm in love with boots right now.  So, it's only natural that I should fall in love with leg warmers, too.  Not only do they provide another layer to insulate me when its frigid outside, but they're also adorable and offer a quick way to change up your regular outfits.
I made this pair by snipping the arms off an old sweater.  Sweaters are an easy find at the outlet center - especially ugly ones.  Before cutting the arms off, try sliding your leg into the sleeve to be sure that it's a good fit. The elastic wrist cuff of the sweater will be the top band of your legwarmer.  The other ends of the leg warmers will have frayed, raw edges from being cut (but no one has to know that because they'll be tucked into your boots).
Cute, quick, and easy!
Do you have any fun ways to re-purpose old articles of clothing for the new year?

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  1. Great idea with the sweater for leg warmers! Now I need to try that!