Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gift Wrap Wednesday #3 Dryer Sheet Bow (DIY)

Since we're starting a new year, I want to try writing a Gift Wrap Wednesday post again each week.

  I love the idea of using recycled things to wrap gifts, buuuuuut... I only managed to make two Gift Wrap Wednesday posts last year.

Thanks to a new washer/dryer combo and a caustic amount of bleach spray, things are recovering nicely in my laundry room.  For that reason, I have plenty of used dryer sheets.  Will I throw them away like a normal person?  Of course not! Today's Gift Wrap Wednesday tutorial shows how to recycle dryer sheets into a cute flower bow to top your gifts.

You will need:
2-4 used dryer sheets
a pretty button
needle, thread, and scissors
ribbon (about 2 feet)

Start by cutting about ten circles from your dryer sheets.  Don't worry about making them perfectly round - no one will be able to tell from your finished flower. I'll be using my flower bow on a small gift, so the circles I cut have a 2.5" diameter.  Set two of the circles aside for later.
Take one and fold it in half, then fold it again to create a triangle.  Using your needle, add a few stitches to the tip of your folded triangle.
Without cutting the thread, fold another disk into a triangle and sew it to the first.  Continue adding the folded triangles until you have none left (except for the two you're keeping for later). You should now have a little white poof.
Sew the button to the center of your poof, then flip it over and sew the two extra circles to the bottom.  These flat disks will give your creation into a flower shape.  Find the center of your ribbon and sew it to the bottom of the flower bow.
Place the flower on your present and wrap it several times before tying a bow.  The recipient of your beautiful gift can reuse the bow on other gifts or wear as a headband.

<----- Another clever way to wrap gifts with dryer sheets:

Make these ridiculously cute little envelopes with the tutorial at sunnyvanilla.blogspot.

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