Saturday, December 12, 2015


Back in October, my amazing Aunt Jen loaned her timeshare to my Dad, Patrick, and I for a weekend in breathtaking Breckenridge.
Dads + Dinosaurs = Great weekend adventures
The steep, winding mountain drive was long, and sometimes nerve-racking, but absolutely stunning.  The leaves were just beginning to change and the mountain was backdrop crisp and gorgeous.
We stopped at the Guanella Pass to stretch our legs and search for mountain goats. 
Sadly, we saw none, but the view was so peaceful that I didn't mind.
In downtown Breckenridge, and Australian artist painted the trunks of the aspen trees a rich blue with water soluble nontoxic paint.  My art friends know that is this image happens to be especially vibrant because blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel.
This was my Dad's first ever journey to Colorado and he fell in love quickly.
The altitude didn't seem to bother him as much as I worried it would.
 We hiked up into Blue Lakes Monte Cristo Gulch, then sat by this incredible lake tucked between the mountains for a long, quiet rest.  It was meditative and peacefully quiet.   The sunny spots were warm, but shaded areas were cool enough to house ice and snow.
The lower photo was taken exactly three years ago to the day on a hike by Lake Michigan and the photo above was taken on our journey through the Blue Lakes Monte Cristo Gulch.
We've gone from one gorgeous backdrop to another. 
I found these sweet little  heart shaped rocks to bring home with us by the water.
 The resort we stayed in, the Grand Timber lodge, was cozy and comfortable - exactly what you'd expect from a mountain town.  We spent the evenings watching sunsets on the porch, discussing our favorite movies, eating peanut butter cups, and making multiple visits to the hot tubs.
On the way home, we visited the Hoosier Pass and the real South Park town!
I also found a Lake George on the map. 
My Dad's cousin George had just recently passed, so we stopped to remember him and have a quiet moment in his honor.  It was a last minute decision - based solely on the name, but Lake George turned out to be one of the most beautiful destinations of the weekend.
My Dad has forever been a nature guy and I enjoyed having the opportunity to share the mountains with him.  As always, it was wonderful to see family, and I'd happily go back to Breckenridge any time.

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