Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Easiest Mercury Glass DIY Ever

I know what you're thinking: the world needs another Mercury Glass tutorial like you need a thumbtack in your foot, but this is seriously the easiest - I promise.
When I came up with this idea, I was really living on a prayer.  I needed something to fill the empty space on my new bar cart and I thought, "What do I have lying around?  Oh, here is an empty glass cider jug and a bag of cheap plastic pony beads." and just like that: magic was made.  
I had this sudden vision of dropping beads and silver paint into the jar and shaking it around violently like an oversized maraca until I had beautiful faux mercury glass.  This idea seemed so far-fetched and half-ass that my expectations were very low, buuuuut surprisingly - it actually worked!  Unlike most mercury glass DIYs, this one requires no spray paint - so you can do it indoors! No one needs to venture out into the cold!  The procedure takes less than five minutes and it really is one of the easiest DIYs ever.

You will need:
glass bottle or jar (preferably with a lid)
silver acrylic paint
plastic pony beads

This jug from Whole Foods held a gallon of spiced cider in it's previous life.
Take a quick moment to rummage through your recycling bin, pulling out any interesting and uniquely shaped glass containers.  Wash and allow them to dry thoroughly. 
Drop several beads into the jar.  For a gallon jug, I used about twenty.
Add a small squeeze of silver paint, not too much.  Remember - you can always add more if your original squeeze was not enough. I used about a quarter sized dollop.  Definitely, use less for a smaller container.
Now shake it around until the inside is coated with irregular streaks of silver paint. This is where the lid comes in handy. If your container does not have a cap, I suggest using plastic wrap secured with a rubber band.
Brace yourself: this step will be ridiculously loud.
When you are happy with the mercury design, or when your hands hurt too much to continue, or when you realize that you are now deaf, unscrew the cap and gently tap or shake the vessel over a paper towel until all beads have been released.
I blasted the jug with a hair dryer on high heat (both inside and out) but I'm not sure if that made any difference in drying time. 
Insanely easy, right?
I can't believe this works!

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