Monday, December 28, 2015

Everyday Decorating with Post-Holiday Clearance

I look forward to Post-Holiday Shopping the way most kids anxiously await Christmas morning.  
Like - I write wish lists and have trouble falling asleep the night before.

This has become kind of a thing.  It's almost like a game for me: I live for the hunt.
The goal here is to take advantage of really good deals but only on items that benefit my household year round.  I seek out things I like or need, (not just any random thing devoid of red and green patterns) and I'm very picky.  These treasures also have to be inexpensive - or what I should really say is cheap; if it isn't at least half off, then I won't buy it.  Most of the decor items I discovered had an earthy, exotic feel and fit pretty well together.  Hands down - this has been my most successful after Christmas shopping excursion ever and I am practically dying to tell you all about my haul:

 The first great find was at Hobby Lobby.  They have no shortage of holiday merchandise.  
Along with roll after roll of wrapping paper, I found this gorgeous "hammered gold" bowl.  I'm assuming it wasn't hammered by a real human, but with Hobby Lobby, you just never really know... After a discount of 66% on all seasonal items, I paid only $8 - a promising start to my day.
At Pier One, I scooped up this yummy Sugar Plum scented candle in a burgundy glass container with a moroccan pattern stamped around the rim in gold for about $6.  Unlike most retailers, Pier One is offering their holiday sales in store and online.  You can find this candle here.
I brought this home to replace Patrick's Dragon's Blood candle, which recently met an unfortunate end when the glass jar imploded, releasing wax everywhere and cracking the mirror in our bathroom.  Oops.
At King Soopers (a neighborhood grocery store - you seriously have to look everywhere) I found a set of white Crockpot brand bowls with handles in the holiday clearance aisle.  Not only did I need new bowls, but these guys happen to be oven safe and the pattern is exactly what I wanted.  I can't wait to fill them up with a steaming ladle of hearty homemade soup...or drug store chocolates
Originally, the set sold for $20, but at 50% off and with a coupon for 10% off any homewares purchase, I paid $9 - and guess what?  The cheese you see in these photos was also half price.  It was part of a HUGE extravagant party platter with dried fruits and almonds and I have been snacking on it for the last few days.  Life is good.
Target is where I found most of my goodies.  No surprise, right?  Target always brings it.
I even traveled to two different Target stores - that's how much I love their stuff.  
At the first store, I found these amazing little acacia wood boards, both 50% off (although you can find them on the website, they're only on clearance in the store.  Boo).  
Just look at those elaborate patterns burned into the wood!
I've been wishing for a set of boards to create cheese platters and serve up some delicious vegetarian sushi on.
 Now, I don't know if this counts as holiday clearance, or if I was just in the right place at the right time, BUT I was thrilled to stumble across this perfect wooden end table with a clearance sticker reading $38!  On the website, it still retails for $129.99.  Was it a good deal?  Absolutely yes.  Did I really need another end table?  ...Probably not, or...definitely not (my apartment is teeny-tiny).  But, how could I pass this up?  It has so much character; I live for things like this.  It will (eventually, after I move the furniture around 100 different ways and then donate half of it to Goodwill to make space) fit right in. Look forward to a post about that process.
At Target #2, I made the most exciting find of the day: a clearance bar cart (imagine me singing that last part, because that's how I mean for you to experience it).  Ever since I spied this classy cart at Target two years ago (NOT on clearance, of course) I've been thinking about - no, obsessing over the idea of having my own.  Let's just spend a moment taking in it's svelte, practical glory.  
I could store so many things on this magical cart!  
Such as: my Keurig, the espresso maker, my tea box...the list goes on. It has been waiting in my online cart this entire time, and never does it go on sale.  Sigh.  Because of it's popularity - check out pinterest if you don't believe me - other styles began to pop up at Target.  The clearance cart I found at the store is made of nickel and unfinished wood, and has three shelves (to store so many things) and was on clearance for $38!
You had better believe that I rolled that bad boy right off the furniture display platform and up to the register to check out.  On my way, I found this "Chalkboard Charger" in the dollar section and have big plans to write some inspirational quote on it before hanging it on the wall by my new coffee/tea cart.  You can definitely expect a post about the new cart set up, I've been waiting for this day.
 World Market was my next stop and I immediately fell in love with this red Christmas India Lantern and bought one for $11 (half off the original price- the sale applies online as well) to hang in my bathroom.
The last stop of the day was Albertsons, another grocery store, for this hanging air planter (marked down to $5).  After I de-Christmas it, Patrick will take it to work and hang it in his office.
And that's about it.  Like I said: the best clearance shopping day ever!
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Do you shop for after Christmas bargains?
What has been your best find?


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