Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fall Field Study

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” 
Jim Bishop
This quote embodies my exact feelings about fall.
It's nothing short of enchanting. I walk around in complete adoration of the bold colors and rich textures that seem to transform my surroundings. I literally want to scoop up handfuls and shove them into my pockets...and I guess actually do that sometimes
(see this post about collecting free craft supplies).
In my closet, there sits a tin box full of miniature glass jars from projects like this.  
As I opened the tin a few weeks ago, the words "Field Study" came to mind.
I imagined these tiny vials filled with bits of fall - like little specimens.  And so, on a brisk November Saturday, I packed them up and drove to Palmer Park to snap a few photos.
I know: this is totally random. 
"What are you planning to do with all of these?" Patrick asked as he flipped through the many images on my camera that afternoon. 
"I don't know," I replied, suddenly feeling a teeny bit self conscious, "Look at them for inspiration?"
I'm going to celebrate this as a personal accomplishment: a very instinctive, artistic moment.
I am a creature of logic and planning and organization.  I don't generally act without purpose - I would like to - that's how creative people thrive, right?  
They allow themselves to be carried by feelings and observations and impulses.
Maybe, juuuust maybe I am moving in that direction? I'd like to think so.
Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf?
Get it?  Leaf?  See, that's a leaf right there...
I'm sorry. That was corny, like a horrible dad joke but I couldn't help it.  
Here we are just one month later with frosty windows, lifeless gray skies, and bare trees.  It's almost as if Autumn never happened- as if I imagined the entire magical thing.  I have to tell you: peeking back at these photos today really does make me feel like I have a bit of gold in my pocket.

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