Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Little Supi's Cottage

I believe this all began the day I noticed a section labeled "Wood Findings" at the hardware store.

Wooden furniture plugs, drawer pulls, and spindles are produced to serve a functional purpose, but I see this opportunity to make something else: tiny things.   My eye for re-purposing and my love of painting met in the aisle of Ace Hardware that afternoon to create a magical new hobby.  
Painting is almost like a form of meditation for me, especially when the subject is teeny tiny and each brush stroke takes an immense amount of concentration.
My very favorite: an itty bitty pickle jar, less than 3/4 of an inch tall.
Through Casey's Wood Products, a  specialty shop based out of Maine, I found even more objects to transform and this became somewhat of an addiction.  My collection of random wood pieces has slowly grown, and after hours of intricate painting (how I spent the majority of my summer), so has my supply of hand painted miniatures. 
In July, I set up a new ETSY shop to sell my wooden miniatures and named it Little Supi's Cottage.
"Supi" is the Finnish nickname for a raccoon and "Cottage" seemed to fit my style.
Creating an ETSY shop is a lot of work.   
For my shop profile picture, I painted this portrait of a raccoon holding a muffin.  
Words cannot express how much I love this painting.
I also designed graphics and used Prismacolor markers to transform this gray cat Calico Critter into a raccoon.  The tail is made of gray faux fur with Prismacolor stripes and a section of wire inside.  
It only seemed right that a raccoon should appear in the product photos, don't you think?  
And THEN I took photos of the tiny things in a tiny setting, which I also love to do.  
Here are a few of my favorites:

Dowel cap = ice cream bowl

Furniture plug = chocolate snack cake

Drawer pull = woodland mushroom stool

Cut and sanded wooden coffee stir = mixing spoon

Finial dowel cap = fairytale mushroom lamp

Monopoly house = sweet gingerbread house 

 Wooden disk = loaded veggie pizza

Wooden button and spool = charming cake stand

Cut and sanded popsicle sticks = sprinkled toaster pastries
If you are interested in painting in miniature, I recommend using acrylics because they dry quickly and slip-ups can be painted over easily - something you should expect while working at this scale.
Some of these wooden items are from the hardware store and others, like this flower pot, can be found in the actual miniature section of a hobby shop.
Please, please, PLEASE post a few snapshots of your finished work here so I can admire it.
If you'd rather purchase a few already-painted treasures, you can visit my new ETSY shop Little Supi's Cottage and use this coupon code for 15% off your order: SupisFriend15