Sunday, December 6, 2015

Black Friday Thrift Store Finds

Because I am kind of a hermit, I don't usually leave my home on Black Friday.

My distaste for people (especially crazy poeple) and many years of creating signage for Toys R Us have taken away any desire I may have had to partake in this event.  In fact, if it was possible, I wouldn't set foot in any store during the Holidays.  
However, with that being said: I did have the day off, and I needed a thrift store sweater for my niece, and the weather was nice...and I live about half a mile from two thrift stores soooooo...

So here I am telling you about my Black Friday awesome finds. I convinced Patrick to tag along, shopped for a grand total of forty minutes at both the ARC and Goodwill and let me tell you: I was not disappointed. 

The best find: a pasta maker for my Kitchenaid for $20!  
And I was literally just telling Patrick that I desperately needed a pasta making attachment after seeing one on a cooking show last week!  He frantically waved me over to the case at the ARC to show me this treasure in the original (very 1990s) box with the original price tag declaring a value of $69.99!  Everything is in the box - even the warranty info. Online, the price ranges anywhere from $100 - $150.  So much gluten-free pasta will be eaten in my home.
This beaded Himalayan waterfall necklace was my other exciting ARC find for $7.
I did some research and found that it's from the Home Shopping Network and may have cost about $70 new.  I re-strung a few strands of the gold beads and now it is good to go.
Last January, I wrote a post about trekking up the icy Manitou Incline and shared my adoration for YakTrax, a pair of rubber shoe covers that create traction in the snow and ice.  For that trip, I borrowed a pair from a friend and I've been thinking about purchasing my own.  Patrick (again, very thankful that he came with me) found a pair at Goodwill for $10. 
My niece and I have a tradition of wearing matching Christmas sweaters - which is adorable now that she is a toddler but will be REALLY fun when she becomes an easily embarrassed teenager. I choose not to spend much because she wears it for approximately ten minutes, then after we take a few photos, tears it off her body like pissed off wolverine.  This adorable little bear sweater was only $2, and I found a larger, vintage Bill Cosby version with zigzags for myself at $4. 
It isn't photo worthy until I stitch a matching bear face to the front.
Are you an adventurous Black Friday Shopper?

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