Sunday, December 6, 2015

Business Card

Today I designed new business cards.

I sat on the couch all day watching documentaries on Netflix and playing around with Adobe Illustrator.  I love to doodle, and I haven't used illustrator in a few months, so this was a beneficial exercise.  Sometimes, my mind wants to make and my hands just have to follow. 
That's how I was feeling this afternoon.
I experimented with different lines and patterns, trying to draw images that express my personality. 
 I love texture and variety and I am constantly thinking about building and creating.  I started drawing whatever came to mind, then put it all together.  The finished product looks similar to the inside of my head: a collection of random thoughts and exciting ideas.  I ordered them online from Vistaprint.
  I honestly don't think I could be any happier with the results.
My old business cards featured this image of a girl reading by an orchard of apple blossom trees.
I enjoy them, but was feeling ready for something new.  
I sketched the basic outline on paper, then used Photoshop to add color and details.  
I had it printed on a postcard as part of a set and sold them a few years back.
Each card was inspired by a special person who has, in some way, inspired me.

The girl reading is my friend Jill from high school (creator of the blog Hermionish).  She is a librarian and avid reader.  When I started blogging, she was a mentor and I have always admired her passion for books.
This redhead was inspired by Anne, an animal lover that rescues and helps re-home dachshunds.
She lives out on a farm, fostering and caring for dogs whenever they need her. 
Molly, one of my best friends from college, was the inspiration here. 
I've mentioned her many times on this blog and completely adore her. she is a fellow artist and talented photographer with an eye for beauty.
The girl in this winter image was inspired by Crystal, who shares my love of rescuing cats. 
She found a kitty that had been run over by a car, paid hundreds of dollars for his medical care (including the amputation of one leg), and spent countless nights nursing him back to health.  Today he is happy and healthy and still requires all of her attention.
And this is me with my kitty Dora and my head full of ideas.  This is an accurate depiction of how my mind feels all the time, even when I'm asleep.  

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