Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Recycled Book Ornament DIY

Guess whaaaaat.........?   Another snow day!

Current situation: the air is a painfully bitter 14 degrees outside with an angry, howling wind, but I am not complaining because I don't have to leave my couch today.  I've literally been sitting in this same spot for hours.  I know: I live the good life.  Sometimes work stresses me out, but it's all worth it when I wake up to an unexpected day off in the middle of the week.
Let's talk about work for a moment: I have the task of discarding old, unreadable books.  
This is a very sad event, but all librarians must do it.  Now - please know that we glue and tape and re-glue as many times as possible before taking any books out of circulation but eventually it just has to happen.  Most of the books I discard are placed on a "FREE" cart for students to take, yet there's always a handful with water damage or missing pages that must be recycled.  Because I hate throwing anything away, I brought a few home to make Christmas ornaments.
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, so I thought I'd share my ideas with you.

 You will need:
- old books with nice illustrations 
(hunt at thrift stores or ask for discarded, damaged books at your local library)
- glue stick
- hole punch
- string or skinny ribbon
- hot glue gun
- glitter, felt, ribbon, paper clips - anything festive and fun to embellish with

Begin by choosing your favorite illustrations and cutting them out with plenty of extra space around the image. 
Glue the illustrations to pages of plain text. 
I tore my text pages from a copy of The Chronicles of Narnia that has been coated in glitter nail polish.  
Not only will the ornament be less flimsy with two layers, but the back will be more attractive with book text. 
 Carefully cut the images out.
If you're a lazy cutter like I am, you may want to "bubble cut" them - a term I learned from my students that means to cut neatly and with equal distance around the outside of the image. 
See? I love this.
 Time to decorate.
Rummage through your craft supplies and pull out anything cheery, sparkly, or holiday themed.
If your craft stash is feeling lackluster, visit the $1 Spot at Target, which seems to carry better stuff than any actual dollar store.
 There are no rules here; get out your hot glue gun and do whatever feels right.
Felt Santa hats felt right to me, along with scarves and bowties. Draw festive little details with metallic sharpies or glue tiny props in the hands (or paws) of the book characters.

Make candy canes by snipping apart red & white paper clips with wire clippers.  
I bought these several years ago at a discount store, but you could purchase a set here.

 Each ornament will be unique and completely different and adorable.
 Place holes near the top with a hole punch. 
I have a punch that makes very tiny holes from Michaels.
Cut segments of string or ribbon and thread through the holes. Tie the ends together and hang immediately on your tree!

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  1. Adorable! I want to do this for my library tree next Christmas!