Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 11 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 11

Did you know that on weekend mornings, Krispy Kreme gives away free doughnut samples? As long as the 'Free Sample' sign is on, you can march in and grab a yummy, free doughnut right off the line.
That is exactly what I did this morning before going to work.  Did you also know that you can witness doughnuts go through the assembly line? Its just like watching an episode of How its Made.

I know its awful, but for the most important meal of the day, I had a warm, gooey doughnut.  And it just gets worse: I washed it down with a Nalgene bottle full of pink lemonade (water and a Hawaiian Punch Singles-to-go packet).  For Lunch, Patrick and I ate leftover burritos with cheese sauce and pico, the last applesauce squeeze pouches, and more blueberry bread.

For Dinner, I made homemade pizzas.  Jiffy makes a box of pizza crust mix for .75 cents.  Its just perfect for two small pizzas.  I topped the pizzas with the last of the tomatoes, fresh basil from our garden, onion, and a few Morningstar 'Meat Crumbles'.

Tonight, we needed a Snack to eat while watching the meteor showers.  I coated a few crackers with peanut butter and packed them up with blankets and binoculars.  At midnight, Patrick and I drove out to the middle of nowhere, pulled off on a farm road and laid on the hood of the car snuggled up in blankets munching on peanut butter crackers.  It was dorky and adorable, just like a first date.

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