Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 18 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 18

Patrick  made egg sandwiches for Breakfast with some English muffins he chiseled out of the freezer, a few of the free eggs from yesterday, tomatoes from the garden, and his secret ingredient: bar-b-que sauce. Yum!
He loves to use this plastic egg poacher thing from the dollar store to make eggs in the microwave.  I never thought of buying one, because it didn't seem very useful (like my ice cream maker).  Surprisingly, its works really well, and is much quicker to clean that a pan.  Good to know, right?

We ate a quick Lunch together of leftover Chick'n Stir Fry, then cleaned the carpets.  The foster kittens demolished it by trampling through their wet food and knocking over a cup of kitty milk once while I was bottle feeding them.  My studio smelled like a rotten can of dog food.  We rented a Rug Doctor and moved all the furniture.  The cats were horrified because it combines two of their least favorite things: a vacuum and water.
<---- Puma's fortress.  No one got neutered today.

I tagged along to return the Rug Doctor to Family Fare and convinced Patrick to walk around and eat the free samples with me.  You can't go a month without buying food and not eat free grocery store samples.  For our Snack, we sampled salsa, cheese, and chips.

While I put things away, he made us an amazing Dinner: Tropical tilapia over rice and beans with salad from the garden.

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