Sunday, August 26, 2012

Varsity Reading

So I found these comments in my Facebook news feed the other day and I had this overwhelming urge to re-read all the Harry Potter books.
Sometimes, I think reading is like exercising.  Its one of those things that doesn't seem worthwhile until you're actually doing it.  Take, for example, the Hunger Games book that sat on my bookshelf gathering dust (and cat hair) for almost a year before I picked it up and - wouldn't you know - as soon as I cracked the cover, I went on a reading binge that consumed almost six days (and nights) of my busy life.  Once I started, I just couldn't stop until I'd finished the series.  If I wasn't working or sleeping, my mind was totally immersed in the world of Katniss and Peeta.  When I did sleep, those precious moments of shut eye were filled with dreams of Panem.  I love that feeling: falling so deeply in love with a story that you almost live it right along with the characters.

I need to be enticed, like Alice when she fell down the rabbit's hole and found an alluring little bottle with a tag that said, "Drink me."
I'd be happy if I read one of the many books waiting patiently in my studio, but I just can't get myself to start one.  Kind of like running, huh?  Maybe I need a coach, like a reading coach.  Does such a thing exist?  I could pay her to call me and shout "I know you can do better than this! Open that book and give me twenty pages immediately!"  That's all it would take, too.  Once I'm invested in the plot line, I won't put it down.  I'd be a varsity reader.  I'll be my own coach, and I'll be your's today, too: Go read, right now! Turn of the computer and pick up a book! 
You'll thank me :)

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