Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 6 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 6

More yummy waffles for Breakfast.  
No complaints here!!!

A few weeks ago, I sent for a free sample of Miracle Whip.  I was thinking about the 30 days of nothing and decided that free samples are fair game.  The box arrived in the mail yesterday with two packets of Miracle Whip and a coupon.  Patrick used the packets to make two delicious tuna melts in the oven. Yum. Thanks, Miracle Whip!

Dinner was two microwavable Lean Cuisine pasta dinners that we've kept in the freezer for months in case of emergency.  "What kind of emergency?" you ask? I don't know: injury, laziness, zombie infestation.  I'm not sure exactly what an emergency would require, but it wasn't all that impressive, so I didn't bother taking a picture of it for you.

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