Friday, August 3, 2012

Neon Mustache Journal (DIY)

These journals were inspired by my friends Nikki and Mitch, who also love mustaches.

In the party section of the local Dollar Tree is a six pack of stick-on mustaches.  I've been wanting them for awhile now.  That's a pretty good deal: six mustaches for a dollar!  These goofy journals are a quick project, and all the supplies can be found at the Dollar Store.
Nikki, Mitch, and I at a stand up comedy show in Grand Rapids.

You will need:
stick-on mustaches
small notebooks
neon sticky notes (or paper)
glue stick
black permanent marker or acrylic paint
The notebook cover will be hidden with paper, but it would be difficult to cover the section with holes, so we are going to color it in instead (if your notebooks are a solid color, you may want to skip this step).  If you happen to find notebooks with a design you like, lucky you: they won't have to be covered at all!

To color the areas with holes, you can use a permanent marker - mine was also from the dollar store, but be prepared to use several coats.  Acrylic paint or spray paint would also work very well to coat the area.
I removed the spiral first, but that isn't necessary; you can color the area with holes while its attached to the notebook if you'd prefer.  If smaller children are doing this project, it may be easier to leave the notebook intact.
Use the glue stick to coat the cover, then add your neon sticky note.  If the paper hangs over, trim the excess.
Un-peel the paper backing from your stache and apply to the notebook.
If you removed the spiral, slide it back in and you are finished!
The mustache pack has a guide printed on the back.
My personal favorite is The Chopper.

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