Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 4 and 5~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 4

 Breakfast was the last of the French toast and Lunch consisted of leftover squash boats and rice.

Patrick & I met up with friends at a gallery opening for the Gremlin Gallery, which is also a tattoo parlor. The owner, Amy Lee, had the brilliant idea of combining the two. I love talking with people that are passionate about what they do, like Amy.  Her energy is contagious (More pictures of art to be posted later).  Not everyone gets to do what they love for a living, so I am always inspired when I talk to people that do.

While browsing the beautiful art, we feasted on fresh veggies, hummus, cheeses, fruit, crackers, and wine.  There was also a coffee drink bar where I had an iced latte.  For a late night Snack, we stopped by McDonald's for a free Oreo McFlurry, courtesy of Justin and his free coupon.

Day 5

Patrick & I both had the day off (lucky us), so we slept in, then made delicious waffles for Brunch.  For those of you that have never made waffles, know that this is a labor of love; you can only make one waffle at at time.  If you happen to be cooking for a large group, you must stand in front of a hot waffle iron for an hour passing finished waffles to hungry hands one by one until everyone one else is full.  Only then can you make one for yourself.  I made 12 waffles (breakfast for each of us to eat on day 5 - 7).  I always mix cinnamon and vanilla into my mix for a little more flavor, and flax seed to add nutrition.

Sunday Dinner, traditionally at our place was at Molly's parent's house this week.  Molly and Justin were house sitting and invited us over to enjoy grilled salmon burgers, fresh veggies (tomatoes and cucumbers from her mom's garden), sun tea, and a warm gooey brownie for dessert.  We ate our summery dinner on the porch and played Cards Against Humanity until the sun began to set.  At home, for a bedtime Snack we had Oreos with  some chocolate frosting I found hiding in the fridge.  Don't judge.  It's horribly unhealthy, but worth it, I promise.

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