Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 12 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 12
Sunday Brunch has become the norm around here since we started the 30 Days of Nothing Challenge.  Our morning always begins with some dedicated sleep-in time.  Then, when we finally decide to get out of bed, I bake us a big breakfast - the kind of food reserved for Sunday mornings: warm, sugary, and indulgent.  Next, we curl up on the couch and eat while watching a movie on Netflix.  Today's feature matinee was Puss in Boots, which is adorable by the way.

We've been eating the blueberry bread from my Mother-in-Law for days, but there's still no end in site.  To avoid letting the bread turn into a fuzzy mold garden in my fridge, I used it in a dish of blueberry strata with a recipe from Kraft Food & Family magazine.

I used the blueberry bread in place of white bread, sour cream instead of cream cheese, and just 4 eggs.  I also added milled flax seed for protein.

I was able to chip away at the stock of frozen blueberries from the farm in my freezer, but there are still many, may more...

In the afternoon, I tagged along with Patrick to a volunteer appreciation picnic at the Humane Society with an ice cream sunday bar!  Mmmmm.

Does this count as lunch or a snack?

After gorging on a giant bowl of ice cream, we visited my foster kittens.  All but one of the nine kitties have been adopted.  Baby Big Mac (the runt) and Momma Cat are the only two left.

He is so big now.  Look at that face! We also discovered that he's a Flame Point Siamese, so his eyes should stay blue forever.

Dinner with friends was pretty awesome this week.  It was a potluck, and the theme was appetizers - and we ate very well.
I cut up one of the cucumbers from John & Evelyn and used half the slices as 'chips' with a bowl of homemade hummus.  Patrick used the other slices to make flavored water with mint leaves from the garden.  How do you like those Christmas brownies?  Here's a soccer mom moment for you: I bought the mix back in February for .70 cents and wrote a post about it.  Justin and Molly made creamy spinach dip with fun shaped chips (cut out by Justin) and cake.  Rob and Val brought lettuce wraps with a quinoa mixture to fill them with, ginger candies, and a lot of alcohol.  It was a good night and I wish I'd taken more pictures....

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