Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 19 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 19
This has been such a busy week! Again, no time to make a casserole for Breakfast, so instead we polished off another free sample: Honey Nut Cherios.  I signed up for it about two months back and the tiny box was delivered last week.  We each had a bowl with powdered milk and strawberries from our garden.  They are pathetically small.  In the spring when I suggested buying a strawberry plant, Patrick said they are more of a 'novelty' plant.  I really wanted strawberries, so I bought one anyway.  I now see what he meant by that: the plant has worked hard all summer to produce about 15 teeny little berries, and all but five were eaten by squirrels. Even if I can't eat a lot of them, they do look cute.
**To get a free sample of your own, go here: Honey Nut Cherios.

We ate leftover fish and rice from last night for Lunch while playing Little Big Planet (my new obsession).  Video games are not my thing, but Little Big Planet is the exception.  Its super adorable and you can actually build levels to play with tea cups and meerkats and all kinds of cuteness.

<--- Look! You can buy a real sack person from Little Big Planet on ETSY! So cute!!

Tonight was Patrick's birthday Dinner with his family (his actual birthday isn't until next week).  My mother-in-law always makes a big meal with plenty of leftovers.  This year, the feast consisted of: fresh fried fish from the lake, baked stuffed fish, 'Bloomin' Onion bread, spinach salad, watermelon, and chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  Everything was sooooo good.  To top that off, Grandma Maxine's birthday gift to Patrick was a giant box of vegetables from the farmer's market- and get this: she didn't even know we were doing the 30 Days of Nothing Challenge, she just thought he'd like some fresh veggies!

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