Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 25 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Breakfast: coffee for me, fresh fruit & veggie juice for Patrick made with his juicer. I had every intention of snagging another free doughnut from Krispy Creme before work, but I wasn't ready in time.  Booo.  But I did have all that leftover Mexican food for Lunch, so that made me happy.

Tonight's Dinner was a flashback to our old eating habits: we dined on pizza rolls, spinach dip, Gatorade and gummy bears from Meijer.  How did I acquire this food without spending money, you ask?  By using my Employee Of The Month gift card, thank you very much.

If you ever happen to achieve the status of Employee Of The Month at the toy store, your photo will grace the break room bulletin board for a month and you will be granted a $10 gift card to any store you choose.  I've had been awarded this honor three times during my stocking and signage career at at this store.  This time, I asked for a grocery store gift card, because I'm smart like that.  Here's my horribly awkward photo for you to laugh at.  You're welcome.  I proudly display these photos on the fridge right next to Patrick's MSU Vet school acceptance letter.  Its kind of the same type of accomplishment, right?

This dinner was like a mini combination of all the junk food I love.  The only thing left out were the Creamy Chicken Ramen noodles.  Those are my all time favorite food.  I suppose technically, there's chicken in the broth packet, but Ramen Noodles get my vegetarian cheat card.  One of my vegetarian friends eats bacon once a month, and another gets McDonald's double cheeseburgers when she's sick (she swears they make her healthy faster) and one of my vegan friends is a closet ice cream lover.  Don't worry guys, your true identities are safe with me :)

I also made Patrick's salsa tonight for his birthday tomorrow! Go me! The list of ingredients is short: tomatoes, onion, green onion, cilantro and garlic, but its very yummy.

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