Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 9 and 10 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 9

For Breakfast we both had a slice of the breakfast casserole and Patrick made himself a glass of juice.  Now, as I've mentioned: Patrick loves his juicer (remember the day he got it? I made carrot cake with the pulp).  One of the scariest parts of the 30 Days of Nothing Challenge for his is the lack of veggies required for his juice habit.  Let me tell you how clever it am: I've been collecting bits and pieces of veggies for him.

<--- Take a look at the ingredients of this morning's juice.

A chicken wrap with corn and rice from last night, a piece of the blueberry bread from my mother-in-law, and another applesauce pouch.  Before this month, eating a healthy lunch was very low on my list of important things.  Patrick always takes a big lunch to work, but I only brought food if I remembered to grab it from the fridge as I ran out the door.  My standard lunch usually consisted of Sun Chips from the vending machine and a piece of my co-worker's birthday cake, if I was lucky.  Eating a decent lunch is definitely a habit I hope to keep up.

Baked Spaghetti and garlic bread.  Baked spaghetti is just regular cooked spaghetti that goes in the oven for awhile with some shredded mozzarella cheese and seasoning on top for garnish.  The garlic bread has been hiding in the freezer for a while. This is a quick meal to make when you have no idea what time you'll actually sit down to eat.  Everything is already cooked, the oven's only job is keeping it warm.  But you'll feel like the mother in a 60's tv show when you pull this baby out of the oven!
(If you have an apron and matching oven mitts, now is the time to break them out).

Day 10

For Breakfast, we finished off the casserole with a cup of coffee.  Patrick is fortunate enough to have free coffee at work, so I should mention that he has at least one cup a day. Our Lunch contained leftover spaghetti and garlic bread, an applesauce pouch and blueberry bread.

Tonight's dinner was a frozen burrito makeover - a total transformation.  I started with this bland pack of frozen bean & cheese burritos and with the help of my make up and style team, we transformed it into a vibrant, yummy Mexican dinner.  Okay, by team I really just mean myself, and by transform, I mean that I added pico de gayo and white cheese sauce.
I'm going to share with you my top secret recipe for creamy white cheese sauce, the type used at restaurants to slather big, delicious burritos.

Ingredients (makes four servings):
2 tsp. flour
2 tsp. cheddar cheese (I recommend shredded cheese, I used diced cheese, but it takes longer to melt)
4 tbs. of water

Whisk ingredients in a sauce pan until cheese is melted and ingredients are blended and creamy.
If the sauce is too thin, add another pinch of flour, if its too thick, add water.
Spoon over burritos, absorb the many complements and never share your secret recipe.

Where did I acquire this top secret recipe? I Googled it a few years ago.  I wish I could remember the source for you.  The red sauce is another Taco Bell packet.
We ate the pico over tortilla chips (pretty much just crumbs, as our chip supply is almost gone).  I don't usually follow a strict recipe for pico; I just dice up what I have and mix it together.
Here's what went in tonight's version: tomato (leftover from the bounty sent to us by John & Evelyn), onion, cilantro, garlic (usually I used fresh garlic, but I had to substitute garlic powder, which worked okay), lemon juice, and a dash of salt.

I like living here in my apartment for many reasons: the pool and workout room, the park, the fact that I don't have to shovel snow or do lawn work, the maintenance men who come and fix things the moment they break, and I especially like the monthly community events.  In June, the apartment office hosted a pirate party, in the winter they give away free dinners, and tonight was Faygo Float Friday.  After dinner, we stopped by the clubhouse and grabbed a free root beer float.  Sure, I eventually would like a house, but as long as I can have free ice cream, I'm in no hurry.

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