Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 29 (birthday stuff)~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

With my budget of $0, finding a birthday cake was kind of a challenge this year.
I don't want to ask for hand outs, so instead, I traded goods - pioneer style.
My friend Machelle makes the most indulgent, gorgeous desserts I've ever seen for big parties, weddings, and  other special events.  She's always looking for new ideas for her small business, Sweets & Treats By Machelle.  After my cake decorating class, I've had this bad habit of collecting any and every cake or candy making supply that goes on clearance at the craft store, resulting in two overflowing boxes of cookie cutters, candy trays, and treat bags - the majority with (clearance) tags still attached.

I went to Machelle and asked if she'd be interested in a trade: supplies for a few cupcakes - nothing too exciting, just using what she had on hand.  The day before Patrick's birthday, she delivered four over-sized chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream filling, chocolate icing, and bright flower candies in exchange for a bag of decorating goodies.  They were delicious.

Supplies for Machelle: 5 candy trays, two shaped silicone pans, cookie cutter, treat bags, cupcake football toppers, and paper cake pan liners.

If you happen to need desserts for an event, contact her on Facebook.
Having a birthday fall during the 30 days of nothing challenge was difficult, but with Machelle's cupcakes, the pasta dinner buffet, and Nikki's tomatoes for homemade salsa, it worked out pretty well.

Besides the LOL Cats, here are some of the other awesome gifts Patrick got:

<--- Doctor Whoove shirt from Rob & Val

'Pop rocks' vitamins from Justin &
Molly (along with Jalapeno pepper jelly and a cat grass growing kit)
and gummy cheese burgers, so we 'can has cheeseburgers'

Every Friday, the staff wear adoption related t-shirts to work.  The Humane Society shirt he has is white.  I don't know why: Patrick should never own anything white because...well, I don't want to be mean, but its gross now.  On ETSY, I found two great new t-shirts at a shop called RCtees.

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