Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 28 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 28

Ever notice that when you're sick and trying to working from home, its nearly impossible to get anything done?   My couch is so comfy and its so easy to just sit for a second with a cup of hot tea to watch the Steve Wilcos Show and.................crap! All of the sudden its 6:00pm, I'm snoring like a lumberjack, and nothing was accomplished today!
To avoid this scenario, I got dressed and dragged my butt down the street to Biggby Coffee.  Before hopping on the bus, I combed my apartment in search of all the Biggby rewards cards I've started and forgotten about over the years.  After rummaging through junk drawers, the pockets of winter coats, and old purses, I collected six.  And - lucky me - two of them had enough points for free drinks, just enough coffee to finish up some work, brainstorm a few future craft projects, and write letters to my family.

Before my productive afternoon at the coffee shop, I started the morning by cooking pancakes for Breakfast. To make them extra sweet and a little healthier, I added cinnamon, brown sugar, and milled flax seed.

Those are my secret ingredients :)

Another sample, a Lipton Tea & Honey drink packet, showed up in my mail box last week.  How perfect is that for soothing a sore throat!  Doesn't the tea look delicious and refreshing as it sits on the deck in the sun?  I actually drank it while bundled up in a chair with half a dozen pillows and comforters and a pile a tissue, but that setting didn't seem nice enough for a picture.  I don't want you to see me like that.  To complete this poor little sick girl Lunch, I made tomato soup from a can and munched on crackers. If you want to grab your own sample, visit Lipton's Facebook page.   Patrick took leftover chili and chips with salsa for his midday meal.

I met him at his mom's office to do paperwork and research when he got out of work.  Apparently, she had a party over the weekend and left all the extra food in the office fridge for the two of us to take home, which is kind of amazing.  Our Dinner was made up of veggies and pasta salads and the best part: I didn't actually have to make anything.

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